These descendants of the Inka who live high in the Andes of Peru are here to share their technology of how to re-sacralize our relationship with Mother Earth. They are experts in our Human/Nature relationship and are currently being called to leave their remote mountain villages in the clouds to share their ancestral practices with the world at this critical juncture.  Come learn to become a human bridge to Nature to restore harmony in our lives and our world. Become part of the solution!  Sit in ceremony, learn simple practices to connect directly with nature, recharge your energy, and meet like-minded people. We are all responsible for the condition of the earth and we can heal our human family through love of Nature with proactive practice. 
 *Note: Your Q'ero Teachers for each US seminar will include a selection of three GPS faculty dependent on availability*

3-Day Experiential Training
In this course you will learn

  •  Specific and Simple Energy Practices to connect more directly with Great Nature
  • To Discover and invoke your two Nature Parents—your Mother Water & Father Mountain
  • An Energetic Formulation of the World—the Andean Cosmovision
  •  To Open the “LEFT SIDE” of your human nature—embodied, feminine, intuitive wisdom
  • To TRUST yourself and your inner knowing
  • To Unlock and Share your visionary self
  •  How to find help and empowerment on the road to your destiny
  • How to make simple offerings to communicate with Mother Nature

3-Day Experiential Training
You will receive Two Empowerment Ceremonies

  • AYNI KARPAY—An Andean Empowerment Ceremony to place you in sacred reciprocity with Mother Nature
  • MOSOQ KARPAY—Empowerment Ceremony to super charge your personal power toward a path of fulfilment.

***Private Healings and Cleansings will be made available upon request at a separate cost. Prayer-filled weavings made by the hands of our Ñust’a Paqos will be available for purchase.

Heidi Rausch Personally invites you to join us!

Sarah Johnson personally invites you to join us!

DECEMBER 1-3, 2023


*Homework: Upon Completion of your registration and tuition payment, you will be sent an instructional email explaining precisely how to locate your Nature Parents. Prior to Retreat please locate your Nature Parents: Mother Water (Paqarina) & Father Mountain (Itu Apu), and bring this vital information with you.

 December 1 – Day 1

8:30 AM Check in at Retreat Location 

9:00 AM Retreat Opens: Wahariquy Calling/Invocation to Nature Beings

10-12:30 pm Introductions to Wiraqocha Foundation, teachers, and  introduction to the Paqo path with exploration of the Inka fourfold human identity.

12:30-2:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00-3:30pm Introduction to  Ayni, Sami and Hucha (Sacred reciprocity, light and heavy energies) Group Energy Practices - Saminchaquy and Saywachaquy in preparation for our afternoon ceremony.

 3:30-6:00 AYNI KARPAY EMPOWERMENT CEREMONY & Connection to your full human Identity.

Participate in this traditional offering ceremony designed to place you in sacred reciprocity with Mother Earth and to connect you to your Nature Parents. Learn how to make a k’intu (traditional 3 leaf offering) and sacred prayer (phukuriquy) that you will offer to your Nature Mom and Dad, connecting you to your 'functional' parents.


December 2 – Day 2

9:00am-12:00pm Introduction to the powerful INKA cosmology of the living energy world (kausay pacha) and the Inka Energy System that details how you can cooperate to recharge and harmonize yourself with the living energies of Nature.

12:00-1:30pm Lunch break.   

1:30-3:30pm Learn about the Inka Prophecy and what it means for our current times. Group Energy Activity - Yananchaquy Learn how to circulate Sami, a fine and restorative energy

3:30-4:00 pm Break

4:00-6:00 pm. Individual and collective Nectar Practices

6:00- 7:00 PM Weaving Store Will Be Open

December 3 – Day 3

8:30-9:30 am Check in: Group Discussion, Questions, Sharing Experiences.

9:30-12:00 pm Hucha Mikhuy - Heavy Energy Eating 
Learn how to eat and digest heavy energy and offer it as a gift to Mother Earth and how to perform your own cleansing rituals at home (hoochapampachaquy)

12:00-2:00pm Lunch break

 2:00-3:00 pm Learn about the Wiraqocha Foundation & Global Paqo School

3:00 PM Break

3:30-6:00 PM MOSOQ KARPAY Empowerment Ceremony with Group Haywariquy. 

Q’ero teachers will prepare and build a Haywariquy with k’intu offerings for each student, along with an individual invocation of your Itu Apu and Paqarina, asking for you to become a candidate to the Paqo Pathway. Final traditional empowerment ceremony of MOSOQ KARPAY--to make you NEW! The Mosoq Karpay will supercharge your personal power as you start or renew your sacred path as a Paqo

December 4 & 5

9AM-5 PM Individual Healings & Coca Leaf Readings by appointment only, and must be booked and paid in advance. Availability is limited.

The teachings will be translated from Quechua and Spanish into English and from English into Spanish and Quechua.


Your retreat tuition covers the cost of travel for our teachers, translation, lodging, venue fee, and program materials. By participating in this retreat, you will also help to accomplish meaningful, essential projects for the Q’ero people as 25% of the proceeds from all retreats goes to the Wiraqocha Foundation, which directly funds projects to supprot the entire Hatun Q’eros community. The Q’ero villages are at a very high altitude near the sacred Wamanlipa mountain in Peru, and only within the past few years was a road opened to Hatun Q’eros. The community is not accessible by bus or train, and there are no stores, doctors, clinics or hospitals nearby. Our master Q’ero teachers travel 10-12 hours to Cusco to teach in the Global Paqo School. Their geographic isolation frames both their challenges, as well as their unique culture, which has survived for centuries due to the law of AYNI. While their isolation has acted to protect their traditions, it has also severely limited their access to opportunities, education, and services. Even today, the Q’ero face severe economic, social and cultural pressures. The Wiraqocha Foundation raises critical funds to support our Q'ero community.


The Karpay, or energetic empowerment, given by our Ñust'a Paqos and Apu Paqos, along with their insight, humor, warmth, and glorious wisdom of
the Inka lineage tradition is the perfect complementary knowleldge to all that the newest science is bringing to us--
the influence of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS when merged with NATURE CONSCIOUSNESS. 

Papa Don Martin

Apu Paqo

 --Papa Don Martin Q'espi Machacca From Charqapata Says:

Don Martin Q'espi Machacca is the undisputed head of our school, being one of the only remaining masters to have attained the Alto Misha and a student of the famed Don Manuel Q'espi.  Papa Don Martin has been nine times elected LLAQTA ALCHAQ PAQO--the priest in charge of overseeing the physical and spiritual well-being of the entire Hatun Q'eros Community. This job title is to preview and prevent traumatic and disturbing events from arriving to the Q'ero Community. 
Papa Don Martin is a co-founder of the Global Paqo School.

Doña Agustina

Ñust’a Paqo

---Doña Agustina Ccapa Champi from Qolpa Kucho

Our QOYA or eldest Ñust'a Paqo, Doña Agustina, is a highly trained Ñust’a Paqo in the lineage of Don Andres Espinoza. She is the widow of the reknown altomishayoq Don Mariano Apaza who died in 2004, and was fully trained by him working side by side for many years. She is always surprising us with knowledge from the ancient lineage of Pachacuti and lore about Miskayani--the Inkan metaphysical city of feminine power, lost in the amazon jungle. Agustina is a phenomenal weaver and has a huge, compassionate heart.

Papa Don Humberto

Apu Paqo

—Papa Don Humberto Soncco Q'espi from Charqapata

Don Humberto Soncco Q'espi's name tells the story of who he is-- it means "crystal heart".  Together with Papa Don Martin, Don Humberto is our most senior Apu Paqo with more than 60 years working as a paqo around the world. Don Humberto is known for his laughter, humor, generous heartedness and clear perception. Don Humberto and his late wife, Doña Bernardina, worked as a sacred healing couple for over 55 years, starting from when they were 14 and 15 years old, and  following in the footsteps of their grandparents who were reknown Q'ero healers.

Doña Monica 

Ñust’a Paqo

—Doña Monica Q'espi Flores

Doña Monica is a famous talent, known for the beauty of her weavings in the Q'ero Community. She became a healer to cure herself from her own illness and "found her Paqo star," the guide for her healing work.  She is a well trained Ñust'a Paqo and the great neice of the most famous Paqo of the 21st century Don Manuel Q'espi.

Don Francisco

Apu Paqo

—Don Francisco Apaza Flores from Qolpa Kucho, Hatun Q'eros

Don Francisco is the eldest son of Don Mariano Apaza and was fully trained by his father along with his two brothers, Ricardo and Juan. The brothers retain the Misha of their father, enshrined in their Q'ero home of Qolpa Kucho, and have built a Yachay Wasi (wisdom house) where they plan to teach their ancestral wisdom to future travelers. Francisco has practiced Coca Leaf reading for over 25 years and is an acknowledged master at Coca Divination as well as healing. Francisco embodies the calming presence and patience of a mountain. 

Doña Zenobia 

Ñust’a Paqo

—Doña Zenovia Cruz Condori from Ch'eqa Pampa, Ausangate

Zenobia is known for her powerful WAHARIQUY (invocation) of the Nature Beings and her bubbly personality. Zenobia was raised on Ausangate Mountain, and trained by her grandmother, an exceptional reservoir of Ñust’a Paqo knowledge, who died at the ripe old age of about 120.  Zenovia carries on her grandmothers traditions, and is an amazing weaver with a creative flair for innovative apparel, incorporating ancient designs.

Don Ricardo 

Apu Paqo

—Don Ricardo Apaza Flores from Qolpa Kucho, Hatun Q'eros

Don Ricardo Apaza Flores is the youngest son of the late Don Mariano Apaza and is known for his enormous heart and gentleness. Ricardo received his first initiation at only 8 years-old at the Andean Mecca of Q'ollorit'i, and has been on the Paqo path ever since. Trained by his father and immersed in the tradition, Ricardo is one of the most sincere people you could ever meet. He works as a ceremonial Paqo, Healer, and Coca Leaf reader together with his two brothers.

Doña Marcosa

Ñust’a Paqo

—Doña Marcosa Flores Pauqar from the Q'ero village of Charqapata

Doña Marcosa is the daughter-in-law of Don Humberto Soncco and the late Doña Bernardina fully trained by her as a Ñust'a Paqo. A respected community leader, she delights in sharing her knowledge and initiations in the tradition with all of her students. Marcosa is acknowledged as possessing one of the most potent invocations for Pichay (cleansing) and is an expert in traditional knowledge, cleansings, healings, and offerings, as well as being a supremely gifted weaver.

Don Juan

Apu Paqo

—Don Juan Apaza Flores from Qolpa Kucho

Don Juan is a lot of fun! Juan is the middle son of the late Don Mariano Apaza and is a clown and a character. Don Juan is also, as in his family tradition, a highly skilled and expert Coca Leaf Reader, healer, and ceremonial artist. Juan is the most extroverted of the Apaza brothers and loves to joke and play.


Ñust’a Paqo

—Elizabeth B. Jenkins born in Manhattan, New York

Elizabeth B. Jenkins MA, MFT is a Mom, Organic Farmer, 35 year student of Inka Nature Wisdom held by the Q'ero Nation of Peru, and international best-selling author of three books on Inka Nature Wisdom. She founded Wiraqocha Foundation in 1996. In January, 2021 she founded the Global Paqo School to employ the Q’ero Masters during the pandemic, and also co-founded Q'ero Wayruroni Association, to better serve the Q'ero communities in Peru. She resides with her yanantin Barney, on her organic coffee and macadamia nut farm on the Big Island of Hawai`i where she collaborates with Native Hawaiian elders and the magical Volcanic Island forces of Nature.



—Fredy Conde Huallpa from Rosas Pata Community of Lares

Fredy Conde Huallpa is a Native Quechua speaker and extraordinary Quechua to English translator,  inexhaustible mountain trekker, and the very first Mystical Tour Guide authorized by the Peruvian Tourism Authority. Fredy trains other tours guides in the traditions of his Inka ancestors and has worked with Wiraqocha Foundation for over 20 years. Fredy is currently co-manager of the Hatun Q'eros Cultural Center in Cusco, and helps administer WF aid projects in the Hatun Q'eros Community. Fredy is a marvel and a gem, worth his weight in Inka gold.


Ñust’a Paqo

—Karina Quipse Calcina from Challma Chimpana, Hatun Q'eros

At only 22 years old, Karina is one of our youngest Ñust'a Paqos from the Community of Challma Chimpana. She currently works at the Hatun Q'eros Cultual Center in Cusco and will travel outside the US for the first time to help translate for our Q'ero Faculty at our Costa Rica Retreat.

This Ancient Inka Wisdom in Silicon Valley Offers You

The precise teachings that we need right now to help us feel hopeful, empowered, and to evolve through these times