Leave a Legacy

As the Q’ero give back to Mother Earth and humanity, you can give back to the Q’ero. 


Join Us on Our Mission

Knowing the good you are doing in the world, for Nature, for the Q’ero.

Ayni Level

Service Level

Devotion Level

Integrity Level

Create your legacy and bring new meaning into your life, and the lives of the Q’eros, and for the planet.


Help a Sacred Culture Flourish

A commitment to practicing and sharing the beauty of the Q’eros culture, tradition, and beliefs. A devotion to the ancient wisdom that is here to help all people, and to help us respect mother nature.

Give New Hope to Our Planet & Humanity

We believe in living with love, always. Treating others and our Mother Earth with deep compassion, empathy, generosity, and forgiveness. Keep the ancestral wisdom and knowledge alive. 

Leave a Legacy that Transforms Lives

Sacred Reciprocity - Ayni - is a cosmic law, that we must give back just as much as we receive, both to each other and to the earth. This creates balance and harmony between humans and Earth.

A global collaboration with each other and nature. Legacy is love. Love is legacy. Help the sacred light of the Q’eros shine.