Global Paqo School

Connect to your true source of power. Challenge your limitations and get into the driver's seat of your life.


The Ancient School of Pachamama

In this year-long advanced program, we engage DIRECTLY with Twelve Q’eros Elders. Drink from the source of these authentic Inkan teachers. Learn ancient wisdom that leads you to true happiness and the making of a better world. In our 2021 opening ceremony, Papa Don Martin said emphatically: “We are not opening a new school: WE ARE REOPENING THE ANCIENT SCHOOL OF PACHAMAMA!”

Authentic Teachings

The Q’ero have retained the purity of their cultural foundations in the face of Western encroachment; they still practice and teach the old ways of sacred exchange with Nature, where our true power awaits our claiming.

Deep Healing

Feel the infinite love of the most tender mother in the world - Pachamama. Learn to connect with the deepest essence of Nature and experience the astonishing healing energy that fills your life with harmony, wisdom, and sweet nectar. 

True Fulfillment

Open to a world of beauty and inner spiritual power - experience yourself as you - the creative, kind, giving, generous and fulfilled being that is your birthright. Walk through life relaxed, creative and happy. 

“The year-long class with Elizabeth, Fredy (translator), and our 12 Q’ero Paqos has been more than words can explain. My understanding of the Andean traditions has allowed me to tap even more deeply into my abilities and gifts. I feel more connected to my ancestors and nature beings, and I have healed on a profound level. I now have a deeper awareness of myself, and much more prosperity in my life. The Q’ero healing sessions have helped me heal deep past traumas, and my connection to the other worlds has increased in a tangible way.” —Erica M., Concord, CA


GPS Teacher Don Francisco

With everything that is going on in the world now, it’s easy to feel…

like… isn’t there more to life? Like you’ve lost connection with meaning in your life?

Overworked with no time to yourself?

A lack of energy and vitality?

Stressed about the direction of your life?

A need for a community that offers real connection, a true organic spiritual path?

If so, it's okay. We got you!

The Global Paqo School is the only school on the planet that offers access to 12 of the most knowledgeable Paqos of Hatun Q’eros, the heart of the Q’ero Nation. Learn new ways of being that are not taught in the common Western education. Experience an inner knowing like never before that lasts. Be forever changed and feel deeply soul supported, all-ways.

Turn your troubles into power with the deep, ancient, and pristine wisdom of the Q’eros.

A Time of Great Transition

Navigating the ups and downs of life in modern society is hectic, overwhelming and oftentimes depressing. There is no need to chase fleeting moments of joy when true deep peace and happiness is possible through the beautiful, sacred teachings of the Q’eros. Let yourself experience the healing power of connecting to nature. 

Our story

The Teachings of the Q’eros Help Us

There are living energies all around us, and when we connect with these energies, we discover that they are deeply healing and loving - forever and always available.

Like the sacred blessing you receive when you purchase one of the Q’eros' magnificent weavings, you also receive the powerful, transformative love that you so deserve, through GPS while at the same time supporting this ancient culture, so that it too may flourish.

Transform your fear-based state of consciousness into one of trust and personal responsibility. Feel deeply supported in your life. Learn a true alternative to our Western cultures’ exploitative relationship with Nature. 

What Others Are Saying

Saskia Peck

Acupuncturist, Haida Gwaii, Canada

Hope and Inspiration

”Global Paqo School is an incredible opportunity to sit down with Q’ero elders and healers every week and learn from their traditions and wisdom. It has empowered me to live connected to all living energy around me, and given me hope and inspiration. I love that taking this class helps strengthen their culture as well, it creates great reciprocity. It is a magical experience and the process and practical applications will change your life and the planet!”

Rochelle Schieck

Founder of Qoya, New York

A Visceral Knowing

“Taking Elizabeth’s Mama K’epi (first 12 week session of GPS) class was one of the most important teachings I have ever received. Through weekly pilgrimages making offerings to get to know the nature beings around me, I feel forever changed and so much more deeply supported. This embodied practice in a small group setting shifted my intellectual understanding of the importance of right relationship into a visceral knowing that will always be with me. Thank you Elizabeth! If you are feeling called to this class, I encourage you to trust yourself and go for it!”

Denise Attwood

Co-founder Ganesh Himal Trading & Conscious Connections Foundation

Clarity and Balance

 “To have the opportunity to learn directly from the Qero teachers in such an intimate way with the guidance of Elizabeth's deep wisdom and respect has been a dream come true for me. Engaging weekly has kept me focused and brought me so much clarity and balance, opening in me the deepening engagement with nature that I have yearned for all of my life.”

Feel the Love of Pachamama

Pachamama, the Loving Mother, can help you come into a deep knowing that you are a part of nature. That you are inherently worthy of love, peace, and harmony in all areas of your life.


What's Special about the Global Paqo School?

The Global Paqo school is extraordinary in that you have the opportunity to learn the ch’uya or “pure” Q’ero wisdom, as dictated and revealed to us by the Masters — the Q’ero from Hatun Q’eros (Heart of their Nation) are some of the only remaining truly authentic peoples and teachers of the Ancient Inkan tradition. 

Guaranteed authentic, culturally-based, oral tradition teachings. Our wise, patient, humble, and talented Q’ero Paqos and Ñust’a Paqos guide you in every step of your training. They are always available for any questions you may have. The knowledge taught in the GPS will probably be different from what you have previously learned as “Q’ero or Inkan Shamanism,” and we welcome students from all backgrounds and previous studies in the Andean Path and/or any other spiritual tradition.

“The yearlong training with the Global Paqo School is an opportunity of a lifetime!” —MC Smith, Park City, UT

Who is this for?

The Global Paqo School is a year-long program for those who are: 

-Intentional about learning and expanding

-Able to commit to showing up weekly for 36 weeks over the year

-Ready to make real changes in the experience of their lives.

You go through the entire program with the same group of students (your Paqo Pod) - new friends from all over the world. This adds to the richness of your experience and gives you the opportunity to create trusted relationships. The intention is for all to feel safe and inspired to share your growth, your challenges, and your learning together.

It is every student's responsibility and commitment to be present for each session. 

Our world has reached a critical tipping point. With environmental, social, and spiritual crises spiraling out of control, many people can be overwhelmed and not know what to do. If you are feeling that you aren’t making a difference in the world, unfulfilled in your purpose, that there is no more real fun in life, disconnected from the earth and nature, and like you’ve lost hope in the world, take back your power. And know that you are fulfilling the Prophecy of the Andean Masters by participating in The Great Exchange. 

How It Works

Rich Weekly Trainings, Led by the 12 Q’ero Paqos

For over 2 years, LIVE and on Zoom, the Q’ero have been passing on their wisdom teachings while Elizabeth Jenkins facilitates, and Fredy translates.

You experience a rich and fertile environment where you and your Ayllu meet weekly to learn and grow.

- Weekly immersion in the energy fields & instruction from our Q’ero teachers and translators

- Learn from Elizabeth Jenkins’ deep personal experience and guidance

- Share and grow in the presence of your fellow students on the journey

*PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and we tend to fill quickly for the next year. Enroll early to grab your seat in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The Global Paqo School supports the Q’ero People, creating a valuable exchange for their ancestral teachings. They teach you their Nature Wisdom, and in return, you get precisely the wisdom you need.

What's Included

- The 3 GPS Introductory Classes Jan 6 & 7, 13& 14, 20 & 21, 2024
- Live trainings required for all students prior to first class
- 36 weeks of LIVE 2-hour Remote Classes led over Zoom by four teams of three Q’ero Paqos
- Your Private Paqo Pod
- 3-5 students grouped with an Advanced Student Mentor
- A Mast'ana of your choice from our Sacred Shop
- 3 Coca Leaf Consultations/Healings
- 3 ALL SCHOOL Ceremonial Days: Starting Jan 21, 2024 with our Full Moon School Inauguration. Next, August 1 (or nearest Sunday): Renewal Ceremony--Mosoq Chaquy,
and Final END-OF-YEAR Initiation Ceremony with the  whole school--Karpay Ayni!


Get Started

Once you enroll in the GPS, there is plenty to get you started right away! 

Three Prerequisite Introductory Classes

These powerful LIVE training sessions set you up to have a magnificent year with expert and Q’ero initiate, Elizabeth B. Jenkins. 

Saturday Ayllu Weekly ZOOM Class: 9AM-11AM HST

With new students meeting on Saturdays and returning students meeting on Sundays, you will be with your global group for the entire year. *LIVE attendance required.

Discover a new way of being

Your transformation starts the minute you enroll. Imagine your new life full of peace, joy, and true power.

NOTE: We do understand that “life happens” and limited exceptions may be made. However, this is a program for those who are willing and able to show up, follow the assignments, be an active part of the group, in order to reap the substantial rewards that come from this commitment. Remember, a significant part of the program revolves around your interaction with the Q’ero instructors and with your Paqo Pod. It breaks the energy and dishonors the group if students do not follow through to be in class each week.


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What Others Are Saying

Mary Christa Smith

Executive Director, Communities That Care

Opportunity of a Lifetime

“The Global Paqo School is an opportunity of a lifetime. As a longtime student and Paqo on the Andean path, the experience was truly exceptional. What sets Elizabeth Jenkins and the Global Paqo School apart is the direct teaching from the Qero themselves via an exceptional translator. As students, we drank directly from the well of knowledge of the Qero masters and the yearlong course allowed me to deeply integrate the teachings and practices into my everyday life. I have a profound, deep, rich connection with supreme Mother Nature, the Apus and Ñustas and my life is filled with their generous wisdom, nectar and healing forces.

Kim Spoor, Ph.D.

Duluth, Minnesota

Reignited Gifts

 “The yearlong course helped to deepen my understanding of the Andean Worldview. This in turn strengthened my relationship with my Nature Beings and reignited gifts that had been dormant. I am so grateful to Elizabeth, Fredy, and all the amazing Paqos for their time, wisdom, and teachings. It is an honor to be a part of this Ayllu.”

Nessa D.


Life-Changing Inspiration

“I felt like a nervous 'newbie' on the course, but soon discovered my worries were totally unfounded. This course gave me an in-depth grounding into many aspects of the tradition, as well as the end result of creating my own Mama Ke'pi. The zoom meetings became a highlight of my week, as the support of the other Paqos was both nourishing and insightful. Elizabeths’ holding of space together with her wisdom, vibrancy and humor were incredible. This course became a real source of courage and life changing inspiration for me during a very personally challenging time. With deep gratitude to Elizabeth, the Qero and the amazing Paqo participants. 

The GPS Reciprocity Agreement

Once enrolled, there are no refunds of any kind - no exceptions. The Q’ero depend on your participation for their survival. This is their sole livelihood and how they put food on the table for their families - literally. Once you commit, that’s it. Elizabeth B. Jenkins reserves the right to expel any student who is disruptive to the classes, the school, or to any other student, at her sole discretion without a refund of any deposits made. It is highly recommended that you have therapeutic support available as issues can emerge that may require professional help.